Custom Bee Hives

Custom Bee Hives


Sweet City Honey! Do you love honey? Well I am sure you have never tried city flower honey. Urban honey will be one of the best honey you have tasted. City bees have the low competition for pollen, and city folk love fancy flowers on their properties. Every money from June to September you can harvest up to 20 lbs each month or a total of 30 litres of honey in one season! If you consume honey in your daily coffee and baking needs, 12 litres is more than enough per year! Leaving you extra for family and friends. Farming is possible in your backyard and a fulfilling hobby that is sustainable, disciplining and rewarding.


Honey Bees need to need a warm, sturdy safe place to live. This hive style is known as the langstroth, a vertical hive.


Hive Features:

  • Solid 1” thick pine construction
  • 2 full brood boxes, and 1 honey super
  • Screen bottom board with stacked stone edging (protects hives from pests)
  • Custom paint job and trim
  • Handles for easy handling


Optional Features:

  • Matching Spaces
  • Matching Bee mazes for honey harvesting
  • Bee feeder (holders 4 sugar water jars that fit within a super, protects hive from robbing)
  • Viewing windows (red super as shown in the photo)
  • Bee stand
  • Gable roof top with ventilation
  • Fence mounted frame holders or stands


You can have your very own bee hive at a starting price of $500 and local delivery (extra fee) within South/Central Ontario. If interested in your own design, please send design drawings or inspiring sample photos. Design fee is $150 or more, and standard construction costs are $400. Bees, frames, and optional features not included in the base price. Allow at least 2-3 weeks to complete order.