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When you buy a product from Creations By Daniel, you are supporting your local community. By supporting your local community, you help generate local business, create a middle class; and, support friends and family in your neighborhood.


All materials are sourced from Ontario. I have been able to create products that have high quality at affordable prices. When you purchase one of my products, you support Creations By Daniel and the suppliers. My suppliers and network of connections are mainly from are from Windsor, Orillia, Barrie, Midland, Scarborough, Toronto,  Muskoka, Picton, Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville.

  • While traveling for work and on assignments I contact local sawmill owners, farmers, and urban tree cutters to find rare and unique wood pieces.

  • Maple syrup farmers and waterfront owners offer unique pieces of driftwoods for planters, centerpieces, and other products.

  • Hardware for serving trays and charcuterie boards are pieces donated from the local Restore to support Habitat for Humanity.

  • Most of the kitchenware I offer is finished with Hemp oil that is sourced from farmers north of the GTA mix with Beeswax from my backyard beehive.

Thank you for your support!

  • Daniel Kneblewski

Meeting Paul Lafrance and getting in the L’Artisan Gallery

On March 3, 2017, at the Home and Garden Show Paul Lafrance stopped at my booth! 

After a fantastic conversation with Paul and follow up meeting that same Monday; Creations by Daniel is now part of the L'Artsan Gallery Started and Managed by Paul's Wife; Janna. This power couple is amazing as they are a strong team and they are sharing their blessings with other Artists and Creators opening this Gallery. This gallery is a tribute and to make Canadians aware that products made by Hand have now become a lost art. 

The Grand Opening for L'Artisan is on May 1, 2017! 

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